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Powermaster has specialised in energy saving strategies for business, industry and leisure facilities since 1992, working successfully with both public and private clients to help reduce both their energy costs and their carbon footprint. 

One of our key energy saving tactics is fitting variable speed drives, also known as VSDs or inverters, on pump and fan applications in swimming pools, leisure centres, spas, hotels, health clubs and public buildings

The energy savings we can offer are impressive, typically ranging from between 30-70% per annum, with a payback period of between one and three years. The majority of our customers are assisted by a Carbon Trust loan, although Powermaster can also help finance energy saving projects through our FundEnergy programme. Learn More...

Because we understand that energy saving may not be our clients' field of expertise, we offer no-obligation site-surveys, free-of-charge, to help you identify exactly where energy savings can be made without compromising the quality of your facilities.

Our advanced technologies make energy saving simple. From voltage optimisation to air-handling and heat recovery, we focus on streamlining energy use to make sure that the opportunities for energy savings can be maximised at any time of day.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you cut both your energy bills and your carbon footprint, or to arrange a free site-survey.


  • Saving you energy

  • Reducing your costs

  • Cutting your carbon emissions

  • Protecting the environment


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Variable speed drives, VSDs, inverters in swimming pools, leisure centres, spas, hotels, health clubs and public buildings Polska

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